Wedding photographer

And family. My family regulates the outcom. They keep my arm still and sharpen the view. Then a pure harmony happens.

Every morning over the past few years  I wake up next to my amazing wife. As the alarm clock goes on and off every few minutes, our sons eventually come crawling out of their rooms, just to snuggle with the other half of the family, our two boxers. I lay in our bed, close my eyes and my heart skips a beat. I suddenly realize what matters the most. My family is the reason I can be myself to the fullest and do what I love. They support, criticize and complete me, wedding photographer – poročni fotograf

Whenever we manage to take some time off from this constant rush through life, we travel the world. We choose our destination and let the circumstances do the rest. It is often unpredictable, challenging and adventurous but rewarding. And that is why I am a photographer.

Poročni fotograf

is a beginning of something new, unknown. An introduction to a story. Two souls, one love. A heart skips a beat. As the time goes by, we often forget why the story even began. There are so many feelings we suppress  because our everyday life is so fast, that it does not allow us to be emotional. And so we let go.Wedding photography is like a time machine. It captures that one special day. It makes you hold your breath. It takes you to a place you have been before but suddenly you feel like no time has passed. Your heart skips a beat again. But this time you know, that everything is going to be all right.Destination wedding photographer. That is where my passion for photography and your life milestone meet. The right time and the right place. The paper comes alive, memories combine your past and your future. Every once in a while you will shake the dust off those photographs. Maybe it will take one, maybe five or more, but you will keep going, until you make your heart skip a beat again.